Agenda for 19 Oct 2020 P2TS meeting

Al Stone

# Profiles and Platform Spec Technical Subcommittee (P2TS) Agenda: 19 Oct 2020

## Meeting Info: weekly on Mondays (09:00 PST, 16:00 UTC)

## Topics
* Proposed scope/charter (revisit)
* Being submitted
* SBI Reset extension (revisit)
* discussion:
* discussion:
* Lengthy discussion on whether or not SBI can be approximately equal to
the existing ARM PSCI spec since both serve similar purposes:
* Pros: no need to re-invent some things, may be able to re-use existing
test suites and tools
* Cons: OpenSBI already exists (along with a couple of other implementations)
so they would need rework, which begs the question of why replace what is
already in use
* SBI PMU extension (revisit)
* discussion:
* See SBI Reset above
* Proposal: Hart Suspend Extension for IDLE (new)
* discussion:
* Proposal: Introduction to spec (new)
* discussion:
* Proposal: Add RustSBI into 'SBI Implementation IDs' list (new)
* discussion:

## Open Floor

Al Stone
Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc.

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