Re: Platform Spec Meetings in December


On Sun, 2020-12-13 at 10:44 -0700, Al Stone wrote:
Due to some internal timelines at work, I will not be able to attend
tomorrow's meeting (14 Dec 2020).  If Atish or Anup is willing to be
chair, that's fine -- please document what happened and either post
it on the wiki or send notes to me and I'll post them later.
I have updated the wiki page with today's notes.

Topics I had hoped to cover are:

1) ~20 min for the hypervisor effort
2) Any objections to PMU addition to the SBI spec?  I think not, so
   I believe these changes can be added to the spec.
3) Next steps:
   -- Goal: produce initial draft of Linux spec
   -- Questions to be investigate:
      -- ISA: is RVA19 sufficient?  I believe Paul was going to look
         into this (I may have written that down wrong).
      -- EBBR: can this be re-used wholesale?  If not, why?  If so,
         is it sufficient?  Does Atish have time to investigate?
We did not get time to discuss this. I am planning to send a revised
patch for EBBR. IMO, it can be used as is for UEFI boot flow in the
platform specification.

We can have a few discussion on this as well once in next meetings.
If there is any concern, we can address that by including it in EBBR as

      -- Minimal hardware: what is the least common denominator for
         hardware to run Linux?  Volunteers?

If the decision is to not have a meeting, please discuss the next
steps here -- these are the first three topics I think we need to
resolve to get a start on a Linux spec.  There are lots of topics,
to be sure, but this is a good place to start.

I will also cancel the remainder of the meetings in December.  I for
one will not be available until January 2021.  If someone would still
like to leave these on the calendar and meet anyway, please let me
I have taken the liberty to cancel those expecting that there won't be
any interest to conduct meeting during holidays. I hope that's not an
issue for anybody 😁️. Happy Holidays!!

Thanks.  Sorry if this is short notice; it's been a long couple of
weeks on the home front ...

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