Re: AIA SIG meeting time-slot survey

Anup Patel


On the contrary, I was thinking of having the AIA SIG meeting every 2nd week
of every month just after (or before) platform meeting because lot of people
will be same in both meetings.

The proposed Monday 9:30 PM IST (or 8 AM PST) will automatically become
9:30 PM IST (or 9 AM PST) after daylight savings.

After daylight savings, we can also have AIA SIG meeting before platform at
8:30 PM IST (or 7 AM PST) but this might become 8:30 PM IST (or 6 AM PST)
in Nov 2021.

Please correct me if have miscalculated time-slots above.


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On Mon, 2021-02-22 at 16:11 +0000, Anup Patel wrote:
Hi All,

The proposed time-slots will have to be re-adjusted after April 12 due
to changes in day-light savings.
It may not have to unless it conflicts with something else. If the AIA meeting
is scheduled during the 1st week of the month, it will not conflict with
platform at least (scheduled on every 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month.)


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Hi All,

Most of the communication and reviews for AIA specification/software
will happen on this mailing list but it would be nice to sync-up
once a month at least.

Please provide your preferred time-slot for monthly AIA SIG meeting
starting second week of March 2021 in following link:



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