Re: Unix platform working group future agenda (to be discussed in next meeting (06/09 8AM PST))


Since we don't have the chance to discuss the topics on the agenda in the meeting, please allow me to post two comments from Andes here:

DRAM start address
Is there any good reason to standardize it?
I also notice that both BBL and OpenSBI have default start address at 0x80000000, but is there any reason why 0x0 is not a good configuration?

> Minimum number and width of hardware performance counters.  Support for the small set of standard Linux perf mon events
We have made a proposal in privileged task group,,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,Proposal,20,2,40,32306071
For those who don't access to privileged task group, please check
This can provide the minimum functionality for perf to work. Any comments are welcome.

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