Re: Unix platform working group future agenda (to be discussed in next meeting (06/09 8AM PST))

Greg Favor

DRAM start address
Is there any good reason to standardize it?
I also notice that both BBL and OpenSBI have default start address at 0x80000000, but is there any reason why 0x0 is not a good configuration?

Note that it can generally be useful to have 4K page 0x0 be no man's land (e.g. catch a bad PA pointer dereference), and that a number of implementations of the RISC-V Debug spec have the Debug Module and the Debug-Mode code located specifically in page 0x0 (so as to avoid the need for freeing up a GPR to serve as a D-mode base register).  (In the latter case, that debug stuff in page 0x0 might only be accessible while in D-mode.)



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