fyi a calendar tool some of us are using


This email is not intended to promote or make any definitive statements about any product by RISC-V International.

this is not a critical email just sharing a tool some of us are using.

When we add in the leadership or task group calendars into our calendars on google, it does not appear busy to anyone we share our calendars with.

Stephano and I have been using a low cost tool that solves this issue called "calendar bridge". It allows you to one-way sync the risc-v calendars into your own and bring over whatever parts of the invite you want. It creates a copy of the invite in your google calendar that is then seen as busy by anyone you share your calendar with (like if you have an admin making appts for you).

Once you set it up you can uncheck the risc-v calendars (just remove them from view not from your calendar list) so you only see one copy of the calendar appointments showing up at a time. I copy over the following info for the sync: Date & Time, Subject, Description, Location, Conference. I skip the other fields.

It is a subscription but pretty reasonably priced. There are different levels for how many calendars you sync and it seems to work for any calendar you add.

if you use this code you get a month free: x6zBw.

I am sure there are other tools that do this too but thought I would share it.

Please feel free to forward this email.