Introduction Update and OS-A Motivation

Aaron Durbin

Hi All,

I submitted a pull request to the platform spec repo: This is definitely a WIP, but I wanted to start the conversation. Much of the language is cribbed from the platform policy doc itself as I think that was well written and provides the context for the platforms themselves.

Note: there are definitely some other reorganizations required, I think, to make the first part flow better. I was thinking that under the OS-A part specifically we expand further, but I put in a quick blurb to describe that direction.

All that said, there are definitely pieces in the spec that read more like a one pager for product requirements. It's not abundantly clear to me what the platform specs are supposed to be in the end. Are they hardware product requirements or a target of expectations for a software environment? I know this question is a much broader topic, but it's something we should agree on. My personal opinion is that we focus on bootstrapping the software ecosystem so that off the shelf OSes can be used for system evaluation. From there, and once a richer hardware ecosystem is realized, I can definitely see the platform specs turning more into a hardware product requirements.

Lastly, feel free to pepper me with suggestions on how to take the language. I can play secretary on everyone's behalf.