OS-A SEE TG Meeting 2022/09/12

Aaron Durbin

Hi All,

We had our first meeting this past Monday (2022/09/12).

I pushed the notes to GitHub. As a reminder each group in RVI has their own folder for stashing collateral. For OS-A SEE TG, the folder is here. Under that there is a Meetings folder that has a doc that has a link to the GitHub notes in addition to the meeting presentations. The other, and most important doc, is the Future Topics doc where people can put their concerns/comments/requests to cover in the next meeting(s).

We'll have our next meeting on Monday 2022/09/26 at 9am PT. It's already been put on the tech.meetings@... calendar. We hope to have an initial framework in the spec repository as well as some initial content that we can discuss.


  • Meeting Presentation
  • Went over the Charter
    • Discussed what is in scope for OS-A SEE
    • Paul W. asked about hardware requirements. In alignment with the Charter, we should be focusing on compatibility across RISC-V systems for loading and running operating systems. Hardware requirements should fall under the Platform specifications.
    • Additionally Kumar indicated SW view of the world should be the focus.
  • Paul brought up a distinction of feature / device binding required in both early and later stages of kernel startup.
  • Target Audience of OS-A SEE? Ideally would be standar operating system distributions to further expand the ecosystem. Users of the RISC-V systems would benefit, but it's important to allow operating system distributions to target a conformant spec.
  • psABI would not fall into the purview of the OS-A SEE spec. Reason: Kumar syas focus should be on ability to run same OS on multiple implementations.
  • ACPI vs DT. Acknowledge we need to support both. May want to allow an OS to choose which one to support (or both) instead of mandating both. Allows for OS vendors to define their own product. Topic to still be discussed.
  • Need to start framework of document and start seeding content.

Thank you.