Agenda for 1st Feb 2021 P2TS meeting


# Profiles and Platform Spec Technical Subcommittee (P2TS)

Agenda: 1st Feb 2021

## Meeting Info: weekly on Mondays (07:00 PST)

## Topics

* Update about the chair position

* Meeting frequency and time slot update

* Charter

* Planning of the embedded specification
* Can we define a minimum set of hardware/software features that
can be common across all boards ?
- Starting address
- Minimum PMP regions if it supports S/U mode
* Binary compatibility may not be possible

* Planning of the Linux specification
- Only one specification Linux 2022
- either AIA or PLIC as interrupt controller so that
existing boards can be declared as compliant
- PLIC should be marked as deprecated
- A software stack running in Qemu should be implemented for
mandatory hardware components.

* SBI HSM Suspend extension
* discussion:

* Hypervisor update

* SBI PMU extension update

## Open Floor