Agenda for 25th Jan 2021 P2TS meeting


# Profiles and Platform Spec Technical Subcommittee (P2TS)

Agenda: 25th Jan 2021

## Meeting Info: weekly on Mondays (07:00 PST)

## Topics

* Nominations open for the chair position after Al's resignation.

* Charter
* Will be submitted to TSC this week.

* Planning of the specification
 * Do we need to have a specification that for the existing boards
and planned future boards ?
- Components: RVA20, PLIC,

* Should we only have a forward looking specification targeting
future boards?
- Components: RVA22, AIA, IOMMU, hypervisor
* Should we keep emulation PoC as a requirement before publishing
the final version of the specification ?
- A software stack running in Qemu should be enough.

* SBI HSM Suspend extension
* discussion:

* Hypervisor update

* SBI PMU extension update

## Open Floor