Call for Chair/Vice-Chair Candidates for Platform Runtime Services(PRS) TG


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From: Atish Kumar Patra <atishp@...>
Date: Thu, Sep 1, 2022 at 11:55 AM
Subject: Call for Chair/Vice-Chair Candidates for Platform Runtime Services(PRS) TG
To: <tech-announce@...>

This is a call for chair and vice-chair candidates for the recently created Platform Runtime Services(PRS) TG.

All candidates must submit a biography (bio) and statements of intent by Sep 15th 2022. The policy describing this process is here.

The current draft charter of the PRS TG can be found here.

Nomination process, requirements, and duties:

If you would like to be included or know someone who should be, please send an email to help@... with the candidate's name, member affiliation, qualifications, a small bio and a statement of intent (both less than 250 words each).

Qualifications include:
- Experience with ACPI/UEFI specifications development 
Familiarity with RISC-V SBI specification
- Experience with systems software (OS, hypervisors, drivers, firmware)
- Familiarity with RISC-V ISA specifications

Duties as chair/vice-chair (see Best Practices document) include:

- Collaboration with existing task groups within the RISC-V Foundation

- Seek contributions/collaborations while keeping focus on TG charter

- Publish meeting minutes

- Serve as an editor for some of the proposals

- Community interactions through meetings, mail list, GitHub, Wiki

- Respond to queries within 48 hours

- Manage and run regular meetings as per the group charter

- Attend weekly tech-chairs meetings

Atish, Sunil