[RISC-V] [TSC] [RISC-V] [tech-unixplatformspec] I'm Resigning

Stephano Cetola <scetola@...>

Indeed, it was great working with you, and you will be missed.

Thank you for all your hard work and know you’re always welcome in the RISC-V community!

All the best,
Stephano Cetola
Program Manager, The Linux Foundation

On Aug 4, 2020, at 6:33 PM, mark <markhimelstein@...> wrote:


We are sad to see you go and you are always welcome back.

I know I speak for everyone in thanking you for all you have contributed to RISC-V SW SC and Unux Platform TG. I know we have only worked together for a short period of time but I am grateful for your honesty and knowledgeable advice.

Warmest regards and good luck in what you are pursuing.

Thank you again,

On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 2:50 PM Palmer Dabbelt <palmer@...> wrote:
I'm resigning from my posts at the RISC-V Foundation (vice chair of the
software standing committee and chair of the UNIX platform specification
working group). I know it might seem a bit sudden, but I've though about this
for a while and this just isn't my sort of thing -- I ended up in these
positions as a result of working on the open source software side of things,
and I think I just fit in better over there. With any luck this should let me
spend more time on the software side of things, so long term I think it will be
better for everyone.

We don't have any pressing business in either of the groups, so I'm just going
to skip the lame duck period by making this effective immediately.

Mark I Himelstein
CTO RISC-V International
twitter @mark_riscv