Instruction Encoding and CSR Allocation Process - call to action

Ken Dockser

I broke one of my cardinal rules of email and sent out a call-to-action without clearly stating this in the subject. I am resending the key portion of my email under a more descriptive subject line.


My fellow unprivileged members,


The allocation of CSRs is included in the instruction encoding allocation policy (which clearly needs a new name). This process is intended to not only make fair and  rational decisions about new state and instruction encodings, but also as a means to pre-screen proposals to ensure that they are in the best interest of the RISC-V. Basically, we need to ensure that what is proposed fits in well with the existing architecture and philosophy, will have a positive impact on the RISC-V architecture, and will not negatively impact it’s long term viability. We need to avoid decisions that will set precedents that lead to unintended consequences.


In order for proposals to be able to progress towards public review we need to set up an approval process that applies this policy. This includes:

  1. A standard means for applicants to submit their requests for approval
  2. A means for tracking the requests
  3. A subcommittee comprised of unprivileged standing committee members who will commit reviewing the proposals in the context of the policy and provide timely feedback.
  4. A means to come to a consensus on approval and/or feedback for the proposal.


The tricky part is the subcommittee. I am happy to chair it, but we need others with the appropriate expertise and who can commit to putting in the time. Any takers?