[RISC-V] [tech-tee] Request a new CSR address for pmp ext.

Joe Xie

Thanks, Ken.


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Hi Joe,


I am in the process of updating the proposed  Instruction Encoding Allocation policy to include proposed new state. We have not yet determined how we will go about reviewing such proposals in the unprivileged standing committee. That said, we need to do this soon as yours is the first of many proposals for instructions/state that are headed our way.


Thanks for providing a pointer to your proposal, I will review it and discuss it with the other members on the unprivileged standing committee. I’ll let you know if we have any questions, concerns or need more information. My plan is to get back to you within two weeks (i.e., by October 21).





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Subject: [RISC-V] [tech-unprivileged] Request a new CSR address for pmp ext.


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Hi unpriv. Standing Committee


The TEE group is working on a PMP extension proposal to enhance PMP security, see for details. The proposal is approved by TEE group.


The proposal requires to add a new machine mode CSR (called MSECCFG), we had offline discussion with Andrew before and currently the proposal is using 0x390. I just learned that the new policy requires an official approval from standing committee.


I am writing this email to ask approval for adding a new CSR, preferably we would like to use 0x390 but we are open to suggestions. Can you kindly review the proposal and assign a new CSR?