Re: [RISC-V][tech-vector-ext] Intrinsics for vector programming in C.

Jim Wilson

On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 12:41 AM "戎杰杰 <jiejie.rjj@...> wrote:
How to compatibility with multiple RISCV vector standards ?
AFAK,the riscv vector 0.7.1 is stable version like long term version of Linux kernel,
The v0.7.1 rvv spec is a draft of a proposal, and has no official
status. There are no plans to support it in the upstream GNU
toolchain. Support for it was added to qemu, but the current plans
are to just drop it when an official rvv spec implementation is

The v0.7.1 spec should have never been implemented in an ASIC. This
is most unfortunate. If we really need support for v0.7.1 in upstream
tools, then we are probably going to have to do two completely
separate rvv ports, like Altivec and SPE for PowerPC. This is twice
as much work to maintain and is going to be an ugly mess.


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