Re: Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiply (again) and Bit-Vector Compression


please share the asm for  spmv,  the key kernel (s),  

in any case,  the execution time for operations  using a mask,  is very implementation/machine dependent

it is a function on how aggressive,  in hardware,    addressing the vector register elements is.  is addressing always sequential  or addresses generated out of sequence based on the bit mask (in V0 

as a result of the increasing performance of HPCG, spmv is an extremely  important computation kernel.

in my experience,  the dominant  time for HPCG, is the memory latency time (short vectors).   also node to  node networking

| I am now investigating how to efficiently implement sparse matrix X (dense) vector multiplications (spMV) using RISCV vectors using bit-vector format of
| compressing the sparse matrix. The inner loop of sequential spMV algorithm simply multiply-accumulates non-zeroes of a row of M with corresponding values of the
| dense vector (say V[]) to form an output element.  To implement this efficiently where bit-vectors are used to compress M is where I have a question/observation.
| In bit-vector compression, the sparse matrix metadata is a bit map of 0s and 1s. A 0 indicates that the matrix value is a 0. A 1 indicates that the matrix value is
| non-zero. A values array -- say M_Vals[.] -- stores these non-zero values. 

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