Vector Task Group minutes 2020/7/17

Krste Asanovic

Date: 2020/7/17
Task Group: Vector Extension
Chair: Krste Asanovic
Co-Chair: Roger Espasa
Number of Attendees: ~20
Current issues on github:

Issues discussed:

#392/#520 vrgather index size

The group reviewed the proposed instruction encoding for new
instruction vrgatherei16. This will be part of v1.0.

#235 reciprocal/square root approximation

The proposed table contents for the 7b approximations are being
reviewed for possible improvements. The consensus was to retain the
bit-exact requirement given the small size of these tables.

The group also continued discussion of the various proposals presented
on mailing list for iteration-step instructions. There was agreement
that the 1.0-product forms should give greater accuracy than the
2-product forms, but members were considering a formal proof of this
property. The step instructions might be delayed until after v1.0, as
they represent an optimization and will require further study.

#533 Mandating VLEN>=128 on application processor profiles

The group reviewed the proposal to require the "V" application
processor base vector extension to require VLEN>=128. The general
consensus was that it was a useful constraint.

#529/516 Alignment of whole-register load/store instructions

We reviewed this decision, with objections being around having any
hint rather than the details of this particular hint. However, the
consensus was that the hint provides clear advantages for machines
with internal data rearrangement, and comes at almost no cost to other

#365 should vsetvli x0, x0, imm set vill if vl changes?

Discussion over the behavior in this case focused on whether the cases
when vl changes could ever be useful, in which case the vill setting
would remove functionality. Also, on when errors could be reported.

We discussed a proposal to "reserve" the behavior when the new setting
would change vl but this was dismissed with the concern that this
would prevent forwards compatibility with no path for emulation. The
decision was to require a new vsetvl{i} encoding for a new behavior on
vsetvl{i} operation.

The conclusion was to retain the existing PoR, with vl possibly
changing if the new SEW/LMUL setting alters VLMAX.

# Reserving custom space for encodings/vtype

The discussion centered around what should be freed for custom use in
v1.0. The consensus was that no instruction encoding (particularly
vsetvl{i}) should be freed but that some fields in vtype could be
allocated for custom. The consensus was that the custom fields should
be in a constant bit position regardless of XLEN.

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