Re: Issue #365 vsetvl{i} x0, x0 instruction forms

David Horner

On 2020-07-24 6:11 a.m., krste@... wrote:
I think there are two orthogonal decisions to take:

"vill=1 on SEW/LMUL change" or "vill=1 on vl change" during vsetvl{i} x0, x0
To be clear, this is SEW/LMUL ratio change, correct?
All other values being valid and the "SEW and LMUL" combination itself being valid.

Providing an invalid SEW and LMUL combination will set vill for all vsetvl variants.
We still need to determine what should happen with vl (cleared or unchanged) in the overall context of the final resolution of X0,X0.
This too may be an orthogonal consideration ....

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