Re: Fixed Point (Chapter 13): Clarification Request

Nick Knight

Hi Coheen,

Thanks for the discussion on the fixed-point vector instructions. Most of Chapter 13 predates my involvement with the Task Group, but I think I am able to address one of your comments:

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 6:33 AM CDS <cohen.steed@...> wrote:
There's no definition of what the fixed point spec is working on, other than the definition of an integer.
Is this an implied 1.x format? e.g. 8-bit is 1.bbbbbbbb? Is this intended to be implementation-specific with regards to the fixed point location?

The specification doesn't say. Ambiguity could be removed with a clear statement, in the specification, around what the intended/proposed data format is.

Here's my proposed change to the preamble to Chapter 13:


Nick Knight

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