Re: [RISC-V] [tech-cmo] Fault-on-first should be allowed to return randomly on non-faults (also, running SIMT code on vector ISA)

Andy Glew Si5

This is part of what David Horner wants.   However, it does not give him the  fault-on-first with zero length complete mechanism.   It could, if there were something else in the system that guaranteed forward progress

My take is that requiring that element 0 either complete or trap is already a solid mechanism for guaranteeing forward progress, and cleanly matches the while-loop vectorization model.

Yep, it's sufficient for the needs  of  while loop Vectorization.

It is suboptimal for "SIMT on vector".  For that you need a completion mask.   and it is far too late to add that to the RISC-V vector spec.

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