Sequence to insert an element

Roger Ferrer Ibanez


what is a reasonable sequence to insert an element into an arbitrary position in the vector?

I considered the following sequence (assume the input vector is v12)

vid.v v1
vmseq.vx v0, v1, <index>
vmerge.vxm v1, v12, <value>, v0.t

But I think this is problematic for sew=8 as there may be overflow if vlmax(sew=8)>256.

It may be possible for lmul={1,2,4} sew=8 to compute vid and vmseq using lmul={2,4,8} sew=16, respectively but the lmul=8,sew=8 case won't work as there is no lmul=16,sew=16.

I also came up with this other sequence but doesn't look great to me:

vslidedown.vx v1, v12, <index>
vmv.s.x v1, <value>
vslideup.vx v1, v1, <index>
vsetvl x0, <index>,sew,lmul,tu,mu
vmv.v.v v1, v12    # should leave the tail undisturbed

Thanks a lot,

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