Re: LLVM with RVV intrinsic support

David Horner

Congratulations, and thank you!!

On Fri, May 14, 2021, 05:21 Kai Wang, <> wrote:

We would like to announce that the RISC-V V-extension v0.10 has been implemented in LLVM and the work has been committed upstream.

Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Codeplay Software, and SiFive have worked together to implement the RVV C API intrinsics for the V-extension and have implemented the foundation of CodeGen for Vector Length Specific (VLS) and Vector Length Agnostic (VLA) autovectorization for RISC-V. 

What we have committed to LLVM upstream:

* Support for the v0.10 V-extension specification

* Support for the RVV C intrinsics in

* Implement the draft vector calling convention in

Known issues:

* C intrinsics for Zvlsseg implementation is under discussion:


* What type we should use for fp16 is under discussion:


RISC-V RVV example:

Build command:

clang --target=riscv64-unknown-elf -march=rv64gcv0p10 -menable-experimental-extensions rvv_saxpy.c -o rvv_saxpy.elf

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