Re: RVV assembler and simulation

Jim Wilson

On Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 9:34 AM Peter Lieber <peteralieber@...> wrote:
I am working on some experiment and I need to simulate RVV r1.0.  Is spike my best bet for this?

All I want to start with is writing bare metal assembly, and copy some memory buffers between the sim and host.

Is there an assembler available that support RVV 1.0?

Upstream maniline binutils had rvv 1.0 support added recently.  This isn't in any release yet, so you have to use the top of the development tree.  Upstream LLVM has had rvv support for a while, tracking the evolving rvv draft.  I don't follow llvm so I don't know the current state.  rvv support is certainly there, but I don't know what version they are at.  If they have rvv 1.0 support, which is likely, then it is probably only in the development tree and not in the last release.

Yes, spike has rvv support.  Again, check the rvv version.  There have been a lot of different incompatible draft versions and if you accidentally mix tools that support different drafts it won't work.  I would guess that spike has rvv 1.0 support but don't track it so don't know for sure.


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