Re: Zvediv extension discussions

Peter Lieber

In the Graphics/ML SIG, we also discussed matrix operations as well.  We talked about a single matrix opcode with various functions like vector-matrix, matrix-matrix, and dot product functions, among others.  Just some initial ideas... 

The Zvediv extension would be a great start to get dimensionality to vectors, and we would want to keep matrices in mind when reviving the effort.

Peter Lieber

On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 2:17 PM Ken Dockser <kad@...> wrote:
I am hearing renewed interest in adding a dot-product extension to the RISC-V Vectors. This includes everything from adding a handful of FP and Int dot-product instructions all the way to completing the Zvediv extension.

What is the most efficient way to revive the efforts in these areas? Can we reconvene the Vector TG meetings?


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