[RFC] Drafting a formal v1.0 release for RVV C Intrinsic API

eop Chen

Hi all,
We (SiFive) are going to draft out a formal v1.0 release for the RVV C
intrinsic API. Next week we are going to provide a roadmap, including time
reserved for comments on what is left on the table and needs to be cleared
before the release. All existing issue will be settled. The ones that have
converged will be closed and opening ones will be tagged as "resolve for v1.0"
or "resolve after v1.0" that we can bring up for discussion in future
Here are some initial thoughts on items before the release:
Release a generator script that produces the current C intrinsic API. Other
languages that seek to implement the intrinsics will able to leverage this.
Release a pdf version, better formatted document for the RVV C intrinsic API.
We hope to expand RVV users by providing a better conditioned document.
Schedule out timelines on requesting for comments on current items. Maybe
a monthly meeting? We hope to gather more inputs and reach consensus.
Our take on the release is to consider the completeness of current intrinsic
API-s and do minimal fixes and leave the current implementation "as-is" for
Looking forward for input and hope we can close this by the end of this year.

This post is also cc-ed to amongst vector TG, toolchain & runtime TG, graphic
TG and HPC TG.
Link to RFC issue under rvv-intrinsic-doc


eop Chen

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