Request for Candidates for Vector Extension Task Group Chair and Vice-Chair

Chuanhua Chang

Hi all,


As part of the (first) annual process of holding elections for chairs of current Task Groups, this is a request for candidates for the chair and vice-chair positions in the Vector Extension task group. This is open to both current chairs and new candidates. All candidates must be nominated by February 15. If you would like to nominate yourself (or someone else), please send an email with the candidate's name, member affiliation, and qualifications to Krste and myself (cc'ed above; we are the chairs of the overseeing Unprivileged Architecture Standing Committee).



* Must be knowledgeable about vector and SIMD instruction sets

* Experience in vectorizing compilers and compiler technology in general is a plus, but not a strict requirement

* Good understanding of memory ordering is highly desirable

* Must be knowledgeable about the RISC-V ISA, including the privileged ISA specification (but need not be an expert in all aspects of the ISA)

* Experience developing standards or specifications is a plus, but not a strict requirement

* Must be organized; must be able to schedule and run regular meetings and ensure that minutes are recorded

* Must be responsive to emails from the group, from other RISC-V staff and contributors, and from the public during the public review process

* Must be able to lead and work with contributors from diverse backgrounds, with varying levels of experience, and across many different companies and institutions


General Chair & Vice-Chair Duties:

* Driving the specification development process forward according to the group charter

* Managing project status on the status spreadsheet

* Interacting with the community through meetings, mailing list, github, wiki, and Google docs

* Responding to queries within 48 hrs (see the Question & Answer policy)

* Managing & running regular meetings as per the group charter

* Attending weekly tech-chairs meetings


Please also read the Groups policy to understand this role.

If you have any questions, contact Krste and myself.


Best regards,

Krste and Chuanhua