[RISC-V][tech-rvv-intrinsics] RISC-V V C Intrinsic API v1.0 release meeting reminder (November 28th, 2022)

eop Chen

eop Chen via lists.riscv.org <eop.chen=sifive.com@...> 於 2022年11月28日 上午1:04 寫道:

Hi all,

A reminder that the next open meeting to discuss on the RISC-V V C Intrinsic API v1.0 release is going to
be held on  2022/11/28 6AM (GMT -7) / 11PM (GMT +8).

For folks in Asia, be noted that the daylight saving time has made the meeting 1 hour later than the original time.

The agenda can be found in the second page of the meeting slides (link).
Please join the calendar to be constantly notified - Google calender linkICal
We also have a mailing list now hosted by RISC-V International (link).


eop Chen