RISC-V Vector Spec version 1.0-rc1-20210608

Krste Asanovic

I've just tagged the first release candidate for v1.0 of the vector
spec in github. PDF attached below.

I've included the TG agreed updates and handled almost all of the
outstanding issues for v1.0. Thanks for all the feedback.

I would appreciate if folks could read through the whole thing and
give comments over email and through Github issues. Please also
submit PRs for typos and other wording improvements.

I'd like to try and settle most concerns over email if possible, and
assume it'll take a little while for everyone to go through the doc.

I'll tentatively schedule a vector TG meeting on Friday June 25 to go
over issues best dealt with on a call. I'm hoping we can enter public
review at the same point in time. Remember, we don't have to reach
agreement on all the issues before starting public review, just be OK
as a group with putting this out for public review.