64-bit instruction encoding wish list 9 messages By Andrew Waterman ·
[tech-vector-ext] Some proposals 2 messages By Krste Asanovic ·
[tech-vector-ext] Feedback on RISC-V V-extension (FFTW3 and Chacha20) By Krste Asanovic ·
Minutes of 2020/3/6 vector task group meeting 3 messages By Krste Asanovic ·
Reminder vector TG meeting Friday March 6th, details on members calendar <eom> By Krste Asanovic ·
Minutes from 2/21 meeting By Krste Asanovic ·
EPI intrinsics reference and compiler updated to 0.8 By Roger Ferrer Ibanez ·
RISC-V Vector Task Group: fractional LMUL 5 messages By Krste Asanovic ·
updates to vector spec repo on github By Krste Asanovic ·
Minutes from 2020/1/24 meeting By Krste Asanovic ·
Slidedown overlapping of dest and source regsiters 7 messages By Thang Tran ·
Calling Convention for Vector ? 8 messages By "戎杰杰 ·
official v0.8 release of vector spec reference simulator By Simon Davidmann Imperas ·
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